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All our pieces are handmade on our workshop. They are made with that wonderful material that nature gift us, wood. We can customize all the products on our portfolio and also we make any customized piece that your imagination will request us.


We are able to customize our portfolio, engraving a text, name or draw that will make that piece unique and exclusive.

For planes, this option has no additional cost. We engrave them on one of the flanks. We will use the font of choice. Engraved products will have a longer delivery time.


We also make tailor made projects such us wood boards with name of a newborn or any word that you may ask for (only limited for the extension). We also mix woods, or any wood project that you may imagine. So you will have that unique and exclusive customized gift.

Contact us and we will study your project and send you a budget for your customize product, whether would be from our portfolio or from your imagination. Tell us what you want and we will do it for you.