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Since I was a kid, I love to pick every piece of wood that I encounter to crafted in what came to my mind, ¡whatever it was!

They become my most loved, used, and better kept treasures and toys. I could do and image what ever I want in each game, in each moment.

I am a carpenter, son I have never stop playing with wood. My daughters were born, and they came to the my workshop to see me. Being there, they used to start playing with any piece of wood that they might find and I joined them; together we built indestructible, happy and unlimited dreams. It reminded me my childhood and I was very happy seeing them dropping electronic devices to play with wooden blocks. Blocks, that one day were a control tower and another day were haunted castle or a refuge on the North Pole. Just imagination and heart.

From this experience Vikensen was born. Vikensen is does make wooden toys and games with no age limit for the children and also for the kids that we all still have inside. We use wood because is a warm material and it has an inimitable feel. This make each piece unique and exclusive and bring us back the emotion, the nature and the naturalness.

With my hands and without rush using the best materials and completely handmade I craft really worthy toys. All my creations are a part of me and being made handmade are absolutely exclusive.

Our dream is to be the favourite toy, to be toys for playing.

Imagine without instructions… VIKENSEN